Catalog no. Kereshmeh Records KCD-101

Dastgah Segah and Avaz Afshari
Hossein Alizadeh: Tar
Arshad Tahmaseby: Tar
Dariush Zargari: Tombak

Cover Design: Farshid Mesghali and Yarta Yaran

... spirited work, highly dramatic, and richly embellished ...

Cliff Furnald, Dirty Linen April/May 1994

    AIFF, 42 seconds, 11.025K Hz, 8 bit, 454 K.
    WAVE, 42 seconds, 11.025K Hz, 8 bit, 454 K.
    Sun/Next ulaw, 42 seconds, 8K Hz, 8 bit, 322 K.

Hamnava'i is a highly energetic and alive piece. The title Hamnava'i, which means ``becoming one in musical expression'', implies a special emotional relationship among the three performers. It is the product of a meeting of individual virtuosity and group harmony. It incorporates complex rhythmic structures and features experiments with new principles of polyphony in Persian music.