Kereshmeh Records -- KCD-102, Torkaman


Catalog no. Kereshmeh Records KCD-102

KCD-102 Torkaman
Setar Solo in Rastpanjgah by Hossein Alizadeh.

Cover Design: Farshid Mesghali

Audio AIFF, 36 seconds, 11.025K Hz, 8 bit 390K.
Audio WAVE, 36 seconds, 11.025K Hz, 8 bit 390K.
Audio Sun/Next ulaw, 36 seconds, 8K Hz, 8 bit 280K.

... remarkable range of emotions ...
Cliff Furnald, Dirty Linen April/May 1994

... exhilarating listening experience .. .
Jay Dobis, Rhythm Music Magazine Vol. 3, No. 7 1994

In this recording Alizadeh performs his definitive style on setar, combining superior technique with attention to mood and coloring. "Torkaman" has been inspired by the Torkaman people and their land; it portrays the human states that arise in the expression of their pains and in their love", says Alizadeh. At the time of its first release in 1986, "Torkaman" 's innovative style was very controversial. Currently, "Torkaman" is already considered to be a classic. Alizadeh's mastery has proved time and again to be eye opening in the development of music in Iran.

In the liner notes Alizadeh write:
Our lives are filled with a complex of contrasting moods and moments for which art is an outlet and a means of communication. Just as a painting without colors, shades, similar and contrasting lines is but a white plane, so a piece of music without tension and resolution is a sequence of sounds void of a soul or emotions.

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