Kereshmeh Records -- KCD-104, Raz-O-Niaz


Catalog no. Kereshmeh Records KCD-104

KCD-105 Raz-O-Niaz
Dastgah Rastpanjgah and Maqam Shoushtari
Composed by Hossein Alizadeh.
Avaz by Alireza Eftekhari.
Perfomed by Aref and Sheyda Ensemble.

Cover Design: Farshid Mesghali

... vibrant and alive ...
... with incredible voice full of emotional power ...

Cliff Furnald, CMJ

... notable achievement...
Todd Michel McComb

Audio AIFF, 37 seconds, 11.025K Hz, 8 bit, 400K.
Audio WAVE, 37 seconds, 11.025K Hz, 8 bit, 400K.
Audio Sun/Next ulaw, 37 seconds, 8K Hz, 8 bit, 290K.

Raz-o-Niaz is performed by the acclaimed Sheyda and Aref Ensemble, featuring the beautiful voice of Alireza Eftekhari. In this recording, Alizadeh shows his compositional skills in writing classical Persian music for a large ensemble, incorporating western orchestration techniques and imaginative, compelling orchestral ideas. Raz-o-Niaz is thoroughly classical Persian music in inspiration, with novel and compelling approaches to form and orchestration. Raz-O-Niaz will take you on a powerful journey colored by a canvas of ancient melodies. The setar duets in Raz-o-Niaz evoke some of the most inspirational and mystic imagery found in Persian music today.

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