Catalog no. Kereshmeh Records KCD-110

Kurdish Music of Iran


The Kamkars

Bijan Kamkar: daf, robab, dohol, vocals
Pashang Kamkar: santur
Ghashang Kamkar: setar
Arjang Kamkar: tombak
Arsalan Kamkar: barbat, violin
Ardeshir Kamkar: kamancheh
Ardavan Kamkar: santur

Cover Design: Houman Mortazavi

    A segment of the title track KaniSepi in MP3 format.

Kani Sepi  (glistening  spring) is one of the most famous running springs of Mahabad mountains near the village of (Mishe-Deh), in Kurdistan

The repertoire of Kurdish music is richly diverse and deeply-rooted in the ancient history and culture of its proud and passionate people. It speaks of epic tales and wars, romantic love, and recounts ancient myths and stories of national and religious heroes, some of which date back to thousands of years to the time of the ancient Medes.

"Kurdish music has the endless continuity of a stormy ocean - the hurricane of life's misery smashing gigantic waves upon the rocky shore. Happiness, grief, work, struggle, friendship, separation, war, peace, health, sickness, belief and tradition all find expression in the music." --Hooshang Kamkar