Catalog no. QuarterTone QTCD-1007

Kurdish Music of Iran

Composed and arranged by Ali-Akbar Moradi
Vocals by Parvin Namazi

Ali-Akbar Moradi: Setar, Bass Tar, Dohol
Behzad Frouhari: Ney
Ardeshir Fahimi: Tombak
Ahamd Khak-teenat: Daf

Cover Design: Houman Mortazavi

    A segment of the title track Kurdaneh in MP3 format.

Kurdish Music of Iran 

Compared to other types of Kurdish music (such as Houreh, Houraman, Siahchamaneh, or the Kurdish tanbur music based on the maqams), this work is unique in its affinity with urban Persian traditional music which is based on the Radif. Throughout this work, Aliakbar Moradi has incorporated Kurdish melodies from different regions of Kurdistan and has utilized a variety of Kurdish dialects to be used for the poems. All the pieces in Kurdaneh are in Segah (one of the dastgahs of the Radif). The conscious use of the nuances and the form of Kurdish music in this work within the framework of the Radif is of special significance. In essence, Kurdaneh is a Kurdish interpretation of dastgah Segah.